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Thursday, 11 April, 2013 - 8:44 pm


“He should be brought to Aharon the Priest” (Vayikra 13:2)

The only person who can pronounce a fellow Jew “impure” due to the tza’raas (leprosy) is  a Kohen. The Rebbe explains that Kohanim are people of inherent kindness who bless the Jewish People with love. When it comes to something so intense as declaring a person as a “Metzorah” - one who has leprosy, which requiresa total isolation from the rest of the nation, it is crucial that this judgement be given over only with obvious love.

As parents, we are responsible to disciple and guide our children, motivating them to do what is right. When it comes to stopping negativity through firmness and punishment, it must be done out of total love—the love of a Kohen. This is a sure way to come to our goal of not only stopping negative behavior, but motivating a true desire within the child to be their best.

This Shabbos, stop for a moment before disciplining and focus on how much you love your child and on your ultimate goal of motivating their desire to be the best they can be! The Rebbes have taught that a glare from eye-to-eye of complete love can be enough to conjure the desire in a child to do only good.

May this Ahavas Yisroel uncover Hashem's ultimate mercy and bring Moshiach!


"If he is poor... He should take one male lamb, as a guilt-offering... On the Eighth day of his ritual purification..." (Vayikra 14:21-23)

The fact that a Jew can achieve atonement on behalf of another teaches us that the Jewish people are truly one "body" who need to feel each other's pain and ease each other's suffering. A person should feel that another Jew's problem is his own problem.
- The Rebbe

The spiritual disease of Tzara'as described in this week's Parsha and its method of atonement teach us the above powerful lesson. It's not enough to want to help another Jew in need, we must feel that their problem is truly our problem.

This Shabbos, encourage your children to uncover this feeling for one another. "Oh, the baby has a tummy ache! Ouch... That makes my tummy hurt... What can we do to make him feel more comfortable? What would you need if your tummy hurts?"

May this Ahavas Yisroel uncover Hashem's ultimate mercy and bring Moshiach! 

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