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Friday, 22 March, 2013 - 1:05 am

And the fire upon the Altar shall be kept burning in it... and the priest shall burn wood on it every morning (6:5)

Although a fire descended from heaven upon the Altar, it is a mitzvah to add to it a humanly produced fire. (Talmud, Eruvin 63a)This is a rule that applies to all areas of life: the gifts of life are bestowed upon us from Above, yet it is G-d's desire that we add to them the product of our own initiative. (The Chassidic Masters)

As parents, we constantly work towards the balance of helping our children to be independent, and of giving them the loving support and guidance which they need in order to learn and grow. The example of the fire on the Mizbeach gives us a wonderful insight into our important task. Hashem grants us talents, abilities and capabilities. What He wants us to do is add our own initiative and passion into what we have already as a gift. When we know our child is capable of doing something on their own, we must acknowledge the ability that they have and then lovingly set the expectation for them to accomplish. In this way, we create the context for them to achieve and be proud of what they can do!

This Shabbos, encourage your child to take the initiative in an area where you might have been doing something for them. “Boruch Hashem, you are capable of filling up your own cup to drink. Let me see how you can do it on your own!”

May we celebrate this PURIM with MOSHIACH NOW!

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