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Thursday, 30 May, 2013 - 1:14 pm


It is a land that consumes its inhabitants (13:32)

The Hebrew word for "its inhabitants" in this verse, yoshvehah, literally means "its settlers".

Thus Chassidic master Rabbi Yitzchak of Varka explained the deeper significance of this statement: the Holy Land does not tolerate those who settle down, content with their achievements…

The growth of children is miraculously rapid, their brains are constantly developing and their skills and sizes change very often. Often, when we watch videos of our children from only a few months back, we are shocked at how different they are now. Or, when we see young relatives whom we have not seen for what seems like only a short period of time, we are amazed at how much they’ve changed and grown!

As parents, we must never be satisfied with our own achievements. The same growth and movement from level to level which is apparent in our children must take place within our own thoughts, speech and action. What is good enough for today, must be a little bit better tomorrow. A healthy parent is a parent who is growing together with his/her child. In Judaism, there is no such idea as “settling” with one level; that is detrimental, as we see in this week’s Parsha.

This Shabbos, reflect on the past week and your accomplishments as a parent. Set new goals for the coming week a step higher, elevating yourself, your environment and your family.

May we merit to truly settle in Eretz Yiroel in a positive sense with the coming of Moshiach Now!

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